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New Yachts

Nimbus Boats
Nimbus 405 Flybridge

Nimbus 405 Flybridge








As one of Europe's most renowned boat builders, Nimbus has delivered over 4,000 boats since 1968. Today, the Nimbus line extends from the Nova series:  21, 27, 31, and 34; to the larger motor yachts including the 305, 405 and the latest 405 flybridge. More details

Delta Powerboats
Delta 88 Carbon

Delta 88 Carbon

Delta Powerboats is a renowned Swedish brand that integrates strong Scandinavian design concepts with unparalleled craftsmanship and the finest select materials to create unique luxury yachts for the discerning few. Delta remains the first and only serial manufacturer in the world to offer all carbon fiber motoryachts. Carbon fiber is a strong and light material used for the most high-end and luxurious race and road cars, jets, and other high performance applications. Delta's manufacturing expertise results in yachts 30-50% lighter than competitor's models and offers attractive fuel  consumption.  Delta Powerboats are crafted semi-custom,with each Owner's unique requirements in mind. More details

Delta Powerboats offers a range from 26' to 88' including the fast, innovative Carbon series.

Rockport Marine
RM44  from Rockport Marine

RM 44

Essex Yachts Sales offers the Rockport Marine RM26, a beautiful 26' day boat and the new RM 44, a substantial 44' Motor Yacht. Designed and built in the third-generation family owned shipyard in Rockport, Maine, these iconic boats combine the very best in modern construction techniques and advanced marine systems, with elegance, strength and longevity. All boats are fully bespoke for the discerning owner. More details


Also from the renowned Nimbus Boats, the Paragon line comprises tough, practical boats for heavy use in all weathers. More details

Paragon Yachts

Paragon Yachts